Public Duty

Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade aims to provide voluntary service for the community, as well as makes the Cadets aware of their civic responsibility to serve and contribute to society.  Since all Cadets are secondary school students, the services are generally confined to duties on weekends, and public and school holidays.

Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade Youth Command (“Youth Command”) will provide outside organisations with non-first aid services, such as:

  • Crowd control

  • Flag selling

  • Assistance in medical check-up

  • Game stall services (non-profit making)

Outside organisations in need of services by Youth Command may complete the relevant application form and submit it to Youth Office by email or fax two months in advance.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact our staff.
Tel: 2530 8056 - 59
Fax:2530 4867

For the request of First Aid Service, please proceed to the website of Hong Kong St. John Ambulance ( for further details.